Paper Doll Presents

Paper doll rabbit
Paper doll rabbit

I made you a present to celebrate it being almost a year since I started sharing my work online and as a thank you for all the amazing support, emails, reviews, and general loveliness I’ve had coming my way since taking the (at the time) very scary step of putting my work out there.  I was going to share this at Christmas but the fantastic Mr Finch beat me to it with his amazing fox paper doll, so I thought I’d hang back a bit.

Red haired Paper doll
Red haired Paper doll

OK, so you can print out these two pages on normal printer paper but I would recommend something slightly thicker.  I printed mine out on medium weight cartridge paper.  You can also print it out on paper and then glue the whole thing onto card before cutting it out.  The first page has a basic doll’s body and the second page has three alternative faces and shoes that you can cut out and glue on top of the basic body.

Then it’s over to you!  You can draw, paint, colour, dye, dab with tea bags to make her look a bit antique-ish, whatever you like.  I’ve doodled on mine with a fine line pen.  It’s a lot easier to draw and colour the doll before you cut her out.

Cut out the individual pieces with scissors or a craft knife the join the pieces together at the little crosses with paper fasteners or tie them together the way I have with thread or yarn.  I’ve used a combination of both.

I really hope you like it!  It’s actually kind of exciting and a bit daunting to put something out there for other people to take in their own direction and I would love to see what you come up with, so please feel free to share your paper doll photos on my Facebook page or email them to me at

You can download the PDF pattern here paper-dolls


Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls


PS  Please don’t sell this, publish it as your own work, use it to make things to sell, adapt it to sell it, use it in any sort of dark magic type rituals or generally profit from this in any way that is just plain shabby or unpleasant.  Instead make it, play with it, frame it, give it to people you love and enjoy it.

39 thoughts on “Paper Doll Presents

  1. Oh thank you! Your Paper Dolls are wonderful! on my I wish I had time to do list? I will happily dream of
    making your dolls to get through today! Thank you again!

      1. Oh thank you, it’s very much a work in progress at the moment and not a patch on your beautiful and inspiring blog and work. My four year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with ASD ( autism spectrum disorder) and most of my time is taken up with being a mum and focusing on learning about her condition but I’m looking forward to foraging for nettles in the spring and trying to make dye and drink tea, you see more inspiration from your blog x Tracy

  2. What a fantastic idea. I look forward to making them for Easter Gifts for friends and family, on all sorts of paper/card.
    thankyou so much.

  3. Thanks! You should give us a tag to use when we post them on social media, then they’ll be easy to find. So fun to search a particular tag on Instagram and be able to look at all of the (whatever) at once. Something like #PRpaperdolls maybe.

  4. How inspiring! Thank you very much. I absolute love your cloth figures. I hope someday one will find a home with me, I know they resound will so many and are usually sold when I see them. I will keep trying, In the meantime thank you once again for you very creative and inspiring paper dolls. Mary Carroll

    1. Hi Mary, thank you! I’ll be listing more cloth dolls on Etsy on Easter Sunday, so hopefully you’ll manage to get one you like then. Thanks for all of your lovely words about my work. 🙂

  5. I have become addicted to the style of your work & LOVE these generous paper dolls you’ve given us. Just made mine today & Love, love, LoVe her!!! I make paper dolls too that I sell on etsy, mine are digital & I adore the process of taking old black & white images & tinting them in photoshop. Thank you so much my talented friend, now I just need to buy one of your dolls…well at least 2 of your dolls, a fairy & a bunny! Smiles…

  6. Bravissima….sono stupende, espressive….enigmatiche…Proveró a realizzarle per giocarci..!!!

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