Ethel is an homage to my college years of pink hair and pencil thin eyebrows.  I have no idea where this pink fleece came from, it made it’s way into my scrap bag a few years ago and it’s been calling to me for the last few weeks.  The flat black doll shoes and wrinkled stockings are reminiscent of those days too 😉

Ethel will be for sale in my Etsy shop in the next two weeks.  I’ve been really busy making new work as I’d love the shop to be full of dolls, creatures and bits and bobs before it’s officially opened.

I had a little trial run of a few pieces last week and was bowled over when they all sold out within the first hour and a bit!  There were lots of disappointed customers getting in touch who hadn’t managed to get the doll they’d wanted, so I’d like to have lots listed the next time.

It felt very odd packing the dolls up and sending them off all over the world to their new homes but it’s been great to see the photos and messages from the people who’ve bought them.

I’m going to try to keep the dolls (and other creatures and beasts) under wraps until then so Ethel may be the last doll I post on here for the next wee while, at least until the shop is opened.


3 thoughts on “Ethel

  1. Pink haired dolls have always been my favorite. They make me feel giggly and girly and willing to believe in princes, castles and dragons. There is nothing as special as a pink haired darling to hang my dreams on.


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